The10 Best Electric Guitars For Fingerstyle (Fingerpicking) Reviews

It takes patience to find the best fingerstyle electric guitar, but most importantly, you have to understand your needs. Some of you who are unfamiliar with this trick might not know it, but fingers are used instead of picks in this technique.  You can enhance your skills on the guitar by fingerpicking. Fingerstyle guitar is one of the most delicate and emotional forms of music, especially when performed on acoustic guitar.

As a result, it generates an overall sound that’s more pleasant, light, and smooth. But do not be mistaken; your fingers can also make similar snapping, sharp, and blunt sounds.

What Does Playing Fingerstyle Mean?

According to technical definitions, fingerstyle and fingerpicking are basically the same things. You do the same thing with your fretting hand as always, but what is different is the work you do with your picking hand.

When you play fingerstyle, you pluck each string independently using your fingers. As long as you hold a single chord, you can pluck several notes either separately or simultaneously with your thumb and fingers. In spite of the fact that fingerstyle is relatively easy to play, it can become extremely complex very quickly.

Playing with fingerpicks isn’t suitable for every style of music. Changing notes on the same string can be incredibly tricky, particularly when alternate picking. You must practice a lot to become skilled.

Some Good BrandIn the meantime, if you don’t have an extravagant budget like most musicians. for the best electric guitar for fingerstyle

If you are looking for the right answer, which guitar is suitable for you. There’s no specific answer to that.
When choosing a specific guitar, first think about which genre you like the most or want to play. It’s important to note that not all musicians have big budgets. Pick a guitar that offers you the most versatility about the pickups, volume pots and tone.

Fender Stratocaster

Fingerstyle electric guitars like the classic SSS Stratocaster are popular. Using three single-coil pickups and two-tone knobs allows for a great deal of flexibility when fingerpicking, which definitely comes in handy if you want to vary your sounds. Fingerstyle players such as Mark Knopfler and John Mayer make great use of their Strats.

Gibson SG

Gibson SG is an incredible instrument not just for hard rock but also for fingerstyles. The Les Paul carries over much of its tone, but it comes with better ergonomics, so playing it while seated is more comfortable. In addition, clean picking is a breeze thanks to the excellent string separation.

Gretsch Streamliner

It is one of the best choices available for electric fingerstyle guitars. The low-output pickups help separate notes by keeping the mids and bass at bay, which results in greater clarity when picking.

Fender Telecaster

Electric guitar fingerpicking is also extremely popular with the Telecaster. There are a lot of different tones you can get when playing fingerstyle on a Telecaster due to its twangy sound.

10 Best Electric Guitars For Fingerstyle

Let’s start by saying that there are many options on the market when looking for the best electric guitar for fingerpicking. Electric guitars are suitable for playing fingerstyle guitar. There is an endless number of design options, price ranges, and brands to choose from!

A large number of choices can, however, result in indecision and confusion. To help you narrow the options and make the right choice, I have listed the 10 best electric guitars for fingerpicking.

1. Yamaha FSX800C-Best Electric Guitar For Fingerpicking

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In my opinion, Yamaha is one of the best fingerpicking electric guitar brands for affordable, high-quality instruments that beginners can even use. I absolutely love this small body acoustic-electric guitar, but its value goes far beyond its looks.

The top and back are made from spruce (top), mahogany (body), and nato (back). Rosewood makes up the fingerboard and bridge, and the tuners are die-cast.

There are piezo pickups under the saddle, three-band EQ, a chromatic tuner, and a midrange frequency control integrated into the guitar. In addition, the series features a gorgeous scalloped edge, a well-made top board, and an acoustic structure that offers maximum sound insulation.

  • Truss rod adjustment is available on this guitar.
  • It is an aesthetic and high-quality design.
  • There is also a control for controlling the midrange frequencies.
  • With the chromatic tuner, you can tailor the sound to your personal tastes.
  • Strings must be stretched manually when the guitar is received.
  • Compared to professionals, its sounds are best suited for beginners.


2. Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar-Fingerpicking Electric Guitar

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Gretsch offers a vintage-looking fingerstyle electric guitar with professional sound. You get a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany body with a beautiful round structure. The scale length is about 25 inches.

I love the carvings on the body, but what makes it stand out most is the beautiful patterns. Over the soundboard is a silver cover, which makes it look stunning and unique!

So much for looks; now let’s discuss the details and functions. F-holes and a Gretsch Amplisonic resonator cone are part of this electric guitar.

  • As it has relatively high playability, it is easy to pick up and play for beginners as well.
  • Playing in a smaller area will result in louder sounds.
  • It is a budget-friendly guitar
  • There are better options on the list, but this is a little heavy.
  • Extra weight may reduce its portability and usability.


3. Yamaha APX600-Fingerstyle Electric Guitar

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Rather sleek and stylish, Yamaha has yet another top-notch option! This fingerpicking electric guitar has an elegant aesthetic design that will appeal to those who enjoy clean, aesthetic instruments!

This fingerstyle electric guitar made from mahogany and spruce wood is one of the most beautiful on the market. With its stylish and chic cutaway body design, the Playstation Vita is also exceptionally playable.

Due to the narrow string spacing and scale length of about 25 inches, you get maximum comfort when playing. In addition, this new bracing pattern provides a better bass response due to its scalloped nature. Its sound is engineered in a unique way by a soundhole rosette made of Abalone and a completely new pickup system.

  • With an oval APX soundhole, you can expect a more open and strident low-end, as well as more depth in the midrange.
  • Both beginners and professionals can use it quickly due to its overall design and structure.
  • As well as being light, it is portable and convenient to perform with, making it an ideal choice for travelling and gigging.
  • This guitar is available in a selection of colours for your personal preference.
  • It may be a bit pricey for beginners.
  • At first, intonation may seem difficult.


4. Fender American Performer Stratocaster RW Honeyburst

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You probably know the name Fender if you’ve been around the guitar market for a while. In particular, its electric guitars are excellent for beginners and professionals.

The stylish design of American performers offers a stylish solution for those who enjoy keeping up with the latest fashions. The guitar combines different types of beautiful woods in terms of style and structure. Alder and maple make up the guitar’s body and neck.

There is a classic honey burst colour to the fretboard and fretboard material, which is rosewood. As we learn more about the hardware and details, the bridge is a six-saddle tremolo when we look at more information. Single-coil pickups like the Yosemite produce rich and expressive tones. Approximately 25.5 inches is the scale length.

  • Precision and quality are evident in each knob and dial.
  • You can bend it accurately and effortlessly with 22 jumbo frets.
  • The two colour options are yours to choose from.
  • It is indeed expensive to own such a beautiful work of art!
  • Taking it with you on a trip will also be fairly heavy.


5. Fender CD-60SCE-Best Electric Guitar For Fingerstyle Blues

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Since Fender offers so many user-friendly and versatile electric guitars, they are perfect for fingerstyle techniques. Moreover, fingerstyle electric guitars with dreadnought bodies are masterpieces in their own right!

The spruce wood top looks lovely next to the mahogany body and back. Dreadnoughts are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are also quite functional. It is also equipped with scalloped and X-bracing on the solid top. Additionally, the fingerboard edges are rolled, making playing more accessible. The Fishman pickup is also included in this model.

  • Guitarists rate its usability highly.
  • This product also offers a great deal of value.
  • Live performances are also possible with this beautiful instrument, which is also lightweight.
  • This simple yet professional design is perfect for anyone who is drawn to classic aesthetics.
  • Since the wood can scratch easily, you may need to take extra care around it.
  • The price may be a little too high for beginners.


6. Yamaha L-Series LS6-Best Electric Guitar For Fingerstyle Playing

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Yamaha hasn’t made a list yet, so you haven’t seen it! The Yamaha L-series offers another acoustic-electric fingerstyle guitar. There is a spruce wood top on top of a mahogany wood body and back, giving it a very classic look.

A Yamaha technology for improving the clarity of original wood, Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE), is also used on the spruce.

Featuring a traditional appearance and high comfort profile of five plies, this neck looks very classic. Moreover, the electric guitar has an integrated zero-impact pickup.

It boasts various dynamics, a sophisticated design, and maximum playability from the L-series handcrafted Yamaha guitars.

  • The design seems high-quality, professional, and high-end.
  • Neck has an adjustable double-action rod.
  • String height and spacing are also re-evaluated on the traditional profile for maximum comfort, grip, and playability.
  • Its lightweight design makes it appear to be portable.
  • challenging for some to play the frets due to their funky design and thinness.
  • It is good for big hands, but maybe not suitable for small players


7. Yamaha A-Series AC3M-Best Fingerstyle Electric Guitar

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For the best electric guitar for fingerpicking, Yamaha also has many excellent options in its A-series. The construction is made of spruce and mahogany and has a vintage aesthetic. The resultant sound is rich, loud, and clear due to the scalloped bracing and spruce top.

A new switchable SRT2 system provides the option of switching between piezo and microphone pickups. A player may therefore find their ideal tone this way. The mahogany, satin-lined, slim-tapered neck provides both aesthetics and comfort.

  • When used acoustically, the Spruce top produces a loud, rich sound.
  • Guitars designed and crafted by a professional manufacturer will appeal to people who love professional-looking instruments.
  • This neck is designed and made to be as comfortable as possible.
  • The guitar has been reported to buzz by some customers.
  • This nut width will take a little more effort to use for finger styles.

8. Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster-Good Electric Guitar For Fingerstyle

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Considering that it was named after a legend, it should not come as a surprise that it has legendary quality. Fender’s Eric Clapton Stratocaster is equipped with excellent materials and is built to create a beautiful tone.

The pickups on this guitar are my favourite part. The buzz on this best electric guitar for fingerpicking is a complaint we hear too often from guitarists. Finally, here’s a guitar with 3 noiseless pickups that produce vintage Strat tones without the annoying 60-cycle hum.

  • It is equipped with noiseless vintage pickups that produce classic Strat tones with no hum
  • Thanks to the amp’s onboard 25-dB mid-boost, this sounds awesome
  • The case made of vintage tweed
  • This product comes with straps and cables
  • On this list, this is the most expensive option


9. Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom

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Whenever I listen to the blues, I’m always thinking about the vintage look. So the Fender fingerpicking electric guitar makes a lot of sense since it’s just so nostalgic for me. The vintage style of this guitar is apparent in its appearance and sound.

Pickups on the Telecaster sound lively and bright, frets are easy and smooth, and overall, the guitar has an excellent sound. If you love playing classic blues songs, I recommend this to you.

  • Perfect tone for a blues song
  • Stunning to look at and to play
  • At a more affordable price, get a good quality Fender guitar
  • Some people may find pickups a bit nosy
  • Heavy for an electric guitar
  • Pickup on the neck has a slight buzz


10. Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

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The price is not a deterrent! There’s no imitation or joke involved. Here is a fingerpicking electric guitar from the Fender brand at a highly affordable price. The guitar does not lack quality.

For beginners who have not made up their minds about taking up the guitar, the Affinity Telecaster is an excellent choice. These guitars aren’t cheap, so a beginner who isn’t sure of his or her choice will definitely be at ease with this.

There are no compromises in this guitar – it has an elegant design, an easy-to-play feel, and excellent audio quality for its price range.

  • An ultra-affordable Fender quality
  • The C-shape design provides comfort and a natural feel when playing
  • Fingerpicking electric guitar is an excellent choice for beginners
  • As a result, the craftsmanship is compromised
  • Pickups may cause a bit of buzz or twang in the sound.

Buying Guide:


Oftentimes, volume is the determining factor for if an acoustic guitar will sound loud or not, especially without being plugged in and/or with a microphone. Generally, with fingerstyle playing, the strings are plucked rather than struck as with a pick.

Fingerstyle guitar is much easier to play on a more projective guitar. There is no problem playing the music at any volume you want and being heard.

String Action:

In addition, you should also consider how you set up your string action (the distance between your strings and your fingerboard). Compared to holding a few simple chord shapes, playing fingerstyle is much more difficult to completely master, as it requires the fretting hand to move a great deal. In addition to making chord shifting easier, the lower action of your strings will improve your overall playability.


Furthermore, the nut width should be considered. Unlike classical guitars, fingerstyle guitars have narrower nut widths, which may make manoeuvring the neck more difficult if your strings are closely spaced.

Based on your own preferences, you should always choose the best guitar for fingerstyle techniques. Ultimately, choosing the option that’s most comfortable for you is the wisest move.


Which electric guitar string is best for fingerstyle?

Strings are not the best for fingerstyle.  Fingerstyle guitar strings should be whatever feels the best to you.

Considering our emphasis on sound and personal style, we will explain which genres these guitars shine in and which genres they aren’t quite right for. In addition, several famous players have been seen playing these guitars, so you can actually hear how they sound in action.

Is it easy to play fingerstyle easily on an electric guitar?

Firstly, it’s essential to stress the fact that fingerpicking is an extremely technical skill that will require time for you to master. Having said that, if you prefer to learn it on the best electric guitar for fingerpicking over an acoustic, you might actually find it easier to understand. Since you’ll be using your fingers as picks, the lighter string gauge will be way more comfortable for your fingers than the heavier acoustic strings. Another comfort-enhancing factor is that electric guitars have lower string tension than acoustics do.

Using the fingers on an electric guitar should be the same as playing on one. That is, thumb for the bass strings (E, A, and D), index, middle, and ring for the high E, G, and B strings. Playing in this style involves plucking upstrokes with your fingers and playing downstrokes with your thumb.

Fingerpicking with an electric requires any notable picks?

It isn’t essential. You can play fingerstyle with regular picks as well. Consider growing out your fingernails if you’re planning on playing a lot of fingerstyles and don’t want to use picks. This is a common technique popular in fingerstyle musicians as a way of enhancing their instrument’s sounds. Again, it isn’t necessary, but it is worth keeping in mind that your finger pads will produce a much-muffled tone, and you might have to play harder to make the volume go up.

If you prefer a different solution, you can invest in finger picks that do not impede your movements. However, when playing with fingertips alone, players may not be able to get such extreme clarity.

The advantage of playing with your bare fingers over a pick is control, though. Using the bare fingers will give you much better control over volume and attack, making switching between warm, mellow, or bright plucking sounds much easier. This becomes especially important when using lighter strings. For example, .09-gauge strings have higher amplification than .12-gauge strings, so mistakes become easily observable.

Does the electric guitar have the ability to play fingerstyle?

Let’s think about this before discussing whether fingerstyle guitar is hard: isn’t learning anything new difficult at the start?

You will always feel intimidated upon first trying any kind of technique, whether strummed, fingerpicked, or any other. Indeed, electric guitars do not lend themselves to fingerstyle as well as acoustics do.

Nevertheless, this technique is not strange or unusual. We were surprised to discover many popular songs are actually fingerpicked on electric guitars, which sound effortless yet incredible. Being patient and learning are key to success! In addition, “practice makes perfect” is not a myth. Learn fingerstyle guitar faster than you thought by using the best electric guitar.


There are many electric guitars you can buy for fingerstyle, no matter how many options you have. I think that it is always a good idea to have an idea of the options that are available to you. As well as being the most usable, the eight models above are also the most aesthetic. Depending on your budget, preferences, and needs, you can choose which option you like most.

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